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Hampton Christian Academy Middle/High School Student Handbook

10 Grade Honors

Current Events

Supply Lists 2014-2015

Other Information

Honor Roll 3rd 9 Weeks 6th Grade Weekly Scholarship Alert
SCA Officers 2014-2015 7th Grade U.S. Department of Education
See You At The Pole 2013 8th Grade  
  9th Grade  
  10th Grade Another Great College Prep Site -
www. undergradzone.com
  11th Grade
  12th Grade  

Course Offerings 2014-2015

Summer Reading Lists 2014

Additional Honors and AP Summer Assignments

Middle School 6th Grade Honors English 9th Grade Additional Reading
High School 7th Grade Honors English 10th Grade Writing assignmnet  
  8th Grade AP English 11th Summer Reading and Writing  
  9th Grade 12 Grade AP English
  10th Grade  
  11th Grade  
  12th Grade  


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